The church’s leadership consists of:

  • Our Minister 
  • Our Minister Emeritus 
  • Governing Board 
  • Shared Ministry Teams 
  • Committees of the Congregation 
  • Charitable Trust 



THE GOVERNING BOARD: The Board interprets and executes, to the best of its ability, the will of the membership with respect to long-term goals, public policies, facilities, contracts, paid employees, major disbursements, and methods of financing. The board is a group of ten elected members of the congregation. Positions are The President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and five Members at Large. Elections are held in April of each year. Board positions are for two years except the President, the President-Elect and the Past President who serve a one-year term.

SHARED MINISTRY TEAMS: There are twelve (12) ministry teams. Team Leaders are appointed by the UUCP President. Ministry Teams are the vehicles for the congregation to accomplish our mission both within the congregation and in the larger community that we aim to serve. Since ministry is a shared endeavor that engages members in distinct ways in the work of the congregation, congregations need ministry teams that channel the individual talents and qualities of their members into our common work.

Adult Explorations: This team is responsible for all adult programs, including mid-week activities, discussion groups, and special events intended to educate adults. The programs are designed to increase religious knowledge, foster personal and spiritual growth and well-being, enhance the spirit of community and provide for the exchange of diverse opinions.

Buildings and Grounds Team: This team is responsible for managing the maintenance, repair and general operation of the physical facilities of the church. This includes the aesthetic and operational aspects of both interior and exterior spaces.

Caring: This team is responsible for helping the Minister to identify the needs of church members and to make efforts to address these needs, especially in times of crisis and emergency.

Children’s Religious Education: This team will work with the Coordinator of Children’s Religious Education to provide a supportive, nurturing atmosphere for children and youth and will provide programs and activities which are designed to increase religious knowledge, foster personal and spiritual growth and well-being, enhance the spirit of community and provide for the exchange of diverse opinions.

Communications: This team is responsible for communicating the UUCP message both internally and externally.

Denominational Affairs: This team will keep members and officers informed about denominational affairs above the local level and will promote congregational participation in cluster, district, inter-district and continental activities to include leadership training events and the annual General Assembly.

Finance Team: This team is responsible for developing an annual budget for the church and for organizing efforts to meet this budget through the annual canvass, gifts, rental fees, and other fund-raising activities. This team is also responsible for managing the insurance and investment needs of the church and for long-range budgeting.

Fellowship: This team is responsible for fostering a strong sense of community and belonging among the members and friends of the church. It will coordinate scheduled, organized social activities for the congregation.

Green Sanctuary: The Green Sanctuary Team will assist in the congregation-based program of education, theological reflection, spiritual growth and social activism. The program ultimately leads the congregation to certification as a Green Sanctuary, recognizing ongoing work and commitment toward healing the Earth.

Membership: This team is responsible for helping visitors, friends and members feel welcome and included and for integrating them into the life of the congregation. It will also maintain and update the membership rolls at least annually.

Social Justice: This team coordinates the church’s involvement in community service projects, community outreach and community education programs on issues of social concern or justice. It will also serve as the congregation’s liaison to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).

Sunday Services: This team is responsible for the planning and presentation of Sunday services and works closely with the Minister throughout the church year. This team will work to provide programs that are intellectually stimulating and rigorous, spiritually uplifting, personally applicable and socially enlightening.


There are two Committees of the Congregation:

The Leadership Development Committee (formerly Nominating) is responsible for identifying potential leaders from the membership and encourage the development of this potential.

The Committee on Ministry (formerly Ministerial Relations) works to aid communication and to improve and strengthen relations between the minister and the congregation.

CHARITABLE TRUST: Is an independent non-profit tax-exempt trust. Its purpose is to receive, invest and administer private bequests, gifts and other financial support on behalf of the UUCP.