How do I join the congregation?

If, after you have attended several times, you think this a place where your values can be realized, think carefully about whether you wish to abide by the covenant which defines our relationship with one another and is recited every Sunday. “…to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love and to help one another.” If you’re willing to subscribe to that covenant and contribute to the ongoing life of the congregation, then arrange to see the minister or president who will answer any questions and may invite you to sign the membership book. There is no creedal test for membership. Our “principles and purposes” are an indication of ‘things generally believed among us’ and no more. It is the nature of our way of being religious that MANY opinions will be held on religious and other matters.

What is expected of members?

To abide by the covenant and to contribute to the ongoing life of the congregation. We ask each member to make an annual financial “pledge” proportional to his or her disposable income, but it is up to each member to determine the percentage and amount. The purpose of the pledge is to enable us to budget/plan ahead. It is NOT a condition of membership. We also ask each member to donate time and talents. That can range all the way from serving occasionally as an usher or greeter to accepting a major ongoing committee responsibility.