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Adult Exploration (AE) Team

Purpose: The Adult Exploration Team is responsible for all individual adult programs, including mid-week activities, discussion groups, and special events intended to educate adults. The programs should be designed to increase religious knowledge, foster personal and spiritual growth and well-being, enhance the spirit of community, and provide for the exchange of diverse opinions. The team is also responsible for maintaining the church library.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Lead a Second Hour program after Sunday Service, Recruit a speaker or performer for a Friday Night Live, Be the UUCP Librarian…

Building and Grounds Team

Purpose: The Building and Grounds Team is responsible for managing the maintenance, repair, and general operation of the physical facilities of the church. This includes the aesthetic and operational aspects of both interior and exterior spaces with attention to eco-friendly practices.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Lead or Participate in “Clean and Green” Gardening Sessions, Assist with the Holiday Decorating, Do Basic Yardwork or Landscaping Around our Campus (mowing, trimming, weeding…), Organize Work Parties for Big Projects (fencing, power-washing, painting, etc.)…

Caring Team

Purpose: The Caring Team is responsible for helping the Minister to identify the needs of church members and to make efforts to address these needs, especially in times of crisis or emergency.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Write Get Well & Sympathy Cards, Visit Home and Hospital Bound Members, Prepare Refreshments for Memorial Services…

Children’s Religious Education (CRE) Team

Purpose: The Children’s Religious Education Team works with the CRE Coordinator and the CRE Advisory Team to provide a supportive, nurturing atmosphere for children and youth and will provide programs and activities which are designed to increase religious knowledge, foster personal and spiritual growth and well-being, enhance the spirit of community, and provide for the exchange of diverse opinions.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Teach Sunday School or OWL Classes, Be the Second Adult in our Nursery, Donate Snacks and School Supplies…

Finance Team

Purpose: The Finance Team is responsible for developing the annual budget for the church and for organizing efforts to meet this budget through the annual canvass, gifts, rental fees, and other fund-raising activities. It is responsible for the counting and deposit of the Sunday morning offering and for recording attendance numbers. It is also to arrange a periodic audit of the books by a committee of members or a certified public accountant.

The Budget Drive Team is a sub-team of the Finance Team and is responsible for planning and conducting the annual canvass, including any social events with the canvass. It is not responsible for developing the budget.

The Fund-Raising Team is a sub-team of the Finance Team and is responsible for coordinating all fund-raising efforts of the church, which must be approved by the board.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Head up the Annual Fundraising Auction or the Spring & Fall Yard Sales, Bring Fund-Raiser Ideas to the Finance Team, Set up a Faithify Campaign for a UUCP Project, Be the UUCP Bookkeeper…

Fun and Fellowship Team

Purpose: The Fun and Fellowship Team is responsible for fostering a strong sense of community and belonging among the members and friends of the church. It will coordinate scheduled, organized activities for the congregation, and provide for Sunday refreshments and occasional potluck luncheons.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Plan a Picnic, Cookout or Camping Trip; Organize the Annual Circle Dinners or Monthly Lunch Bunch; Run a Craft Workshop; Profide Refreshments for Sunday Coffee Hour; Setup or Tear Down at Potlucks…

Membership Team

Purpose: The Membership Team is responsible for helping visitors, friends and members feel welcome and included and for integrating them into the life of the church.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Be a Sunday Greeter, Attend the Monthly Newcomers Welcome, Follow Up with Recent Visitors…

Publicity Team

Purpose: The Publicity Team is responsible for communicating the UUCP message both internally and externally. This includes the church website, newsletter, publicity and marketing.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Newsletter Editing, Mailing Crew (folding/stamps), Website Updating, Social Media Management…

Social Justice Team

Purpose: The Social Justice Team will coordinate the church’s involvement in community service projects, community outreach, and community education programs on issues of social concern or justice, including LGBT welcoming and environmental activism. It will serve as the congregation’s liaison to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) and to the Standing on the Side of Love coalition of activists.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Prep for and/or participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, Organize a Pensacola Peace Festival, Represent UUCP at Local Social Justice meetings and events…

Sunday Services Team

Purpose: The Sunday Services Team is responsible for the planning and presentation of Sunday services when the Minister is not in the pulpit and will work closely with the Minister throughout the church year. This team will work to provide programs that are intellectually stimulating and rigorous, spiritually uplifting, personally applicable and socially enlightening. Multigenerational services will be coordinated with the Children’s Religious Education team.

The Music Team is a sub-team of the Sunday Services Team that works with the Minister in supervising the services of a church musician, and helps to coordinate member involvement in musical performances including a choral group and instrumentalists for Sunday services and other church events.

Examples of how yoUU can help: Share a Message from the Pulpit, Be a Guest Musician, Staff the Sound Room…


Ministry Team Purposes Updated October 2016