Community Minister, Maggie Lovins

Community Minister, Maggie Lovins
Greetings UUCP Members, yes, I, your Community Minister, really do still exist! My health has been challenging, and I am grateful to all of you who have sent cards or visited while I was in the hospital or just feeling under the weather.

Wanted to give y’all an update on a few community related tidbits that might inspire you to become more involved. The Southern Region, which we are a part of (and I had been a field agent for) has a bi-monthly news-letter that comes out with most all events going on in our Southern Region and in the wider Unitarian Universalist Association. With a brand new UUA president, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, and bold new initiatives coming our way keeping plugged in is something we can all do to help further Unitarian Universalism daily. It’s super simple to get the newsletter, go to the Southern Region website at: where on the left side you will find a purple-ish button that says “Subscribe to our newsletter” and go from there. You can also access the Facebook page from the big blue button as well.

On a note closer to home, the ministry my health has allowed me to perform has been fun and I think meaningful to many. A couple weeks ago my niece and nephew (many of you know them well as they visit every year!) completed a day of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and delivered cold water and yummy popsicles to the homeless in downtown Pensacola. Then we treated many families of color who were taking time at the Palafox splash pad with water and popsicles as well. All persons were surprised and grateful, but none as much as we were I bet. I hope to arrange more of these Random Act of Kindness days and get more of our congregation involved, keep an eye out, more info to come!

The most exciting thing I’m working on though is my online ministry named Love will Light the Way Ministry. It’s still small right now but one must start somewhere, right? The idea is simple enough, share our stories – as we are our stories – of how we lit a light for someone who was in a dark place so they knew they were not alone and could make it through or have had someone do the same for us. The Facebook forum is a great first step and I’d like to invite all of you to join the page and start submitting your stories. They can be your stories or stories you hear from other pages or pictures that remind you of such wondrous Agape Love you are moved by them.

I will sign off for now with Love and Gratitude in my heart for all of you.
Rev. Maggie