Children’s Religious Education

Each Sunday with the exception of Children’s Chapel Sundays the children will start with their families in the service.

The teens will meet on the first and third Sunday each month with the teen facilitators. The remaining Sunday’s of the month they will be earning volunteer hours in by working alongside our teachers or child care providers.

Each Sunday that your child class meets the teachers will be ready to receive your children as follows:
Olivia Hawkins will be leading our Wanders (pre K – 2 grade) as they explore the Tapestries of Faith “Love Surrounds Us.”
Laurie Winterberg and Emma Mulvaney will be guiding our Adventurers (3rd grade – 6th grade) discovery of Tapestries of Faith ” Toolbox of Faith.”
– In the Youth Pathfinders room (7th grade -12th grade) Linda Cobb and Penny Featherstone will be facilitating a class around “Backpacker’s Notebook, exploring Unitarina Universalist Fatih Community” written by Donna Disciullo and Michael Tino. (Teens meet only on the first and third Sunday, remaining Sunday’s will be volunteer opportunities.)

Each year we ask that everyone fill out a new registration for their child. It contains important information regarding how to care for your child in the brief time they are with us and gives you an opportunity to tell us where you can share your talents with us. Please see Sarah Stubbs or the information table for the form. You can also download and print the form below.

The name of our Children’s Religious Education program (CRE) is WAY Cool Sunday School. The WAY acronym stands for the names of the three Classes with the following age groups:

“Wanderers” – Pre-kindergarten through second-graders meet in the Beach room.
“Adventurers” – Third through sixth-graders meet in the Rain Forest room.
“Youth Pathfinders” – Seventh through twelfth-graders meet in the Teen Room.

Tabbitha will be in the nursery to care for our babes. Childcare is available in the nursery for babes through Pre-k in the nursery starting at nine thirty. All children should be picked up by 11:15 unless other arrangements have been made with the Children’s Religious Education Coordinator (CREC). Please respect the child care provider’s time and the UUCP budget. Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult while at church.