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Our 50th Anniversary UUCP Time Capsule will be opened Feb. 18, at the Budget Drive Kick-off. Items will be displayed for a period to be announced, then you may take any of yours home.

A Container in the entryway will soon await your NEW Time Capsule Treasures. Please begin preparing or gathering your goodies and submit in February and March. Items must be in no later than March 25 to be processed. Reburial is April 8.

You and every member of your family can begin now to consider what you’d like to preserve for yourself and your family in the future, and for posterity. This is the opportunity for each UUCP member and friend to submit pieces of his or her personal history and/or history related to this church. These may include your words (memories, goals, dreams), clippings, Sunday bulletins of significance to you, photos, even a small flatish artifact or toy—whatever you like that will easily fit into up to a gallon Ziploc bag per family—without large bulges. If you prefer to do a bag for individuals, please use pint-size or smaller. A greener alternative could be your plastic newspaper bags, cut to the size you need. Have fun with this, and look forward to a future “uncovering.”

We will still have much to consider before deciding exactly what will “go forth,” and whether there’s room for everything, but it’s a way to keep things organized and limit quantity. The important thing is, we’d like SOMETHING from everyone!

Of course you may submit only one page or one picture, if you like. Just make sure names and dates are on each item. By all means encourage children to submit drawings—with names, dates, and their age at the time. If we open in 10 years, most children will be high school or college students, and today’s teens may be nearing 30. Imagine!

The late Ron Berthelot and I organized the original 30th and 50th Time Capsules. He made the tube, which we will use for the third time if it’s functional, and the concrete chalice maker, now beside our patio. Those were first first used at PUUF, 904 E. Scott Street, and were unearthed and opened in our new church. Who knows what the future will bring for this capsule? If you are at some future service that unearths and focuses on the 60th Anniversary Capsule, you may take your items back. Otherwise, presume you won’t see them again, so you may not want to bury Grandma’s diamonds. If you have things in the 50th Capsule, be sure to take them back after the display.

CONTACTS: Contact Dolly Berthelot with content, memory, or publicity questions or ideas: 850 375-4287, text or call, drdollyb@gmail.com.

UUCP Celebrates 60 Years—2018 Timeline

Feb. 18—Open UUCP’s 50th Anniversary Time Capsule at budget drive kickoff. Be thinking about what you would like to add to the 60th Anniversary Time capsule. It will be reopened for our 75th Anniversay. See related article.

March 25—Second Hour Program, UU Memory Mining and Story Sharing Activity with personal story specialist/writer Dr. Dolly Berthelot, mineyourmemories1.com.

April 8—Picnic and Family Fun Day on UUCP grounds. Food, Fun, Games, and Burying a Treasure. At this event, the UUCP Time Capsule will be resealed and go back into the earth. Recipes for the picnic may be chosen from those in the 1987 edition of the PUUF cookbook Vittles, Concoctions and Brews. Copies of these recipes will be available in March. Fun—you might try a three-legged race or dare an egg toss.

We’ll also share and celebrate a very special coloring book created by our own Madailain Anzaldo Satterwhite.

April 14—60th Anniversary Gala. Enjoy good company, good food, good music, and a good time. The Grand Opening of our new commercial-quality kitchen will happen at this event.

April 15—A special Sunday service will feature what UUCP means to us and what we dream for the future.

Second Hour Program, History of the UUCP Trust, by Gerry Donnerlly.

Co-chairs: Erin Renfroe, 208-449-2443, erin.renfroe@gmail.com;
Penny Featherstone (850) 346-0597, pfeatherstoneggaf@gmail.com