11:30 am

Vote on UUCP’s Path Forward: Ministerial Transition.

The deadline to apply for interim ministry with the UUA is April 17. Our budget drive will end on March 11, so we’ll have an idea what funds are available to us.

An informed vote on this issue is vital!

Please attend the last Second Hour planned by the Ministerial Transition Team and ask all your questions. More information on interim ministry is available in the handouts prepared by Kate Wolverton and Penny Featherstone. If you have further questions, please bring them to a member of the Board, or a member of the Ministerial Transition Team in advance of the meeting date.

Ministerial Transition Team: Carol Trotter, Jack Wolverton, Penny Featherstone

Board Members: Kate Wolverton, Audrey Preston, Erin Renfroe, Lauren Anzaldo, Georgieanna Bryant, Thom Botsford, Charlie Steed, David VandenLangenberg, Lisa Hudson