February President’s notes

There is so much happening at UUCP and it makes me proud to be part of it all. I am very glad we had such good attendance to our Ministerial Transitions meeting, and our Mid-Year Meeting. Our Kitchen renovation is off to a great start!

The MLK Parade was a great success. This year I had the honor of attending the MLK prayer breakfast (thanks to Bill Caplinger) where I experienced a beautifully sincere, dedicated group of folks with whom I was a minority for my skin color but not of my heart and desire to share “the Dream”. I spent hours making tissue paper flowers which we attached the UU seven principles and a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks for the help of Mary Collins, Penny Featherstone, Emma Mulvaney, Marcy Moreland and Terra Shute. They were a most coveted throw! Charlie Tow picked up, delivered, helped decorate and drove the trailer/ float in the Parade. There were at least 22 people in our group. There were drummers, and we took turns holding our new Banner that Jack and I made with the parade theme “The Dream is Alive”.

I am happy that I can bring my creativity to UUCP to be part of kicking off our 60th Anniversary with a mosaic made in honor of Gerry Eddy. The unveiling and ceremony on Jan 28 went well.

We have a significant amount of work to do in preparation for Rev Julie’s departure and planning for our future, but we have a passionate and carrying group of church members that can make this happen.

Speak respectfully, listen to understand, act compassionately
Kate Wolverton