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Our Philosophy

Unitarian Universalism has a rich history and a living faith. Our roots are in Christianity and Judaism, and we draw inspiration from many other sources including the wisdom of the world’s great faith traditions, nature, science, and contemporary thought.We are a faith of deeds, not creeds, affirming the principles of caring, open-minded community.  We have freedom to question and explore, realizing that there is no single answer to questions about the meaning of life and that we are always learning more.

We are strongly committed to social justice in the world. We believe people of different beliefs and backgrounds can come together in one beloved community through the values we share. We believe that families come in many forms, and all are welcome in our church.

Religious Education for Children and Youth

Our Religious Education (RE) program is provided by the Director of Religious Education (DRE) and the Shared Ministry Team of Religious Education for Children and Youth, which is made up of church members and friends who serve as teachers, classroom helpers and childcare providers.

Together they provide a supportive, nurturing atmosphere for children and youth and programs and activities which are designed to increase religious knowledge, foster personal and spiritual growth and well-being, enhance the spirit of community and provide for the exchange of diverse opinions.

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