UU Justice Florida Legislative Days

January 22-23, 2018

We invite UUs and friends statewide to join us in Tallahassee January 22-23 for what promises to be our most effective meetings with legislators ever!

Click this link to register now.

With our new SALSA data management system, we are able to reach UUs in specific districts and ask them to call their legislators on key bills even before we meet in Tallahassee, and ask they they be put on the agenda for their next Committee meeting, so they will still be active in January. This is a critical step! Then, when we see our legislators or their staff members in person January 23rd, we can speak to those bills and have the greatest impact.

It is because you have sent us your ZIP +4 address for our Action Network that we can do this. If 32534-1244 is not your correct Zip+4 code please go to the UUJF Action Sign Up page and update your contact information or please reply to this email with your home ZIP CODE + 4 which you can find at this link.

Those last four digits identify your State Representatives, and allow us to send alerts to just the right people.

THANK YOU to those who have sent us this information already! You may receive target action alerts soon for which ONLY YOU AND PEOPLE IN YOUR DISTRICT can make a difference. Please respond.

Then click this link to sign up for Legislative Days and bring the issue full circle.

Please know:

  • Our UU Justice Florida Legislative Days are a wonderful opportunity for young and old alike to learn how our State Capitol works and see our legislators in action.
  • Over half of the respondents to the November UUJF Survey gave highest ratings of 4 or 5 to the question on participation in UUJF Legislative Days as a preferred way to ‘influence or effect changes in public attitudes, perceptions and/or public policy’. This is our once a year chance to act on our preference for issue advocacy.
  • Our selection of bills will be simpler and more streamlined than last year! Together, let’s bring values of compassion, equity and justice to our legislators in Tallahassee.

See you January 22nd! —Kindra, for the UU Justice Florida Board

For more information, please contact Paula Montgomery at 438-8891.