As the new Adult REMinistry Team leader, I am excited to be scheduling Second Hours, Friday Night Lives, and other Adult and Multi-generational RE events this year. An adult RE session can be on just about any topic and might be facilitated as a lecture, discussion group, or activity. Do you have a set of knowledge or particular hobby or interest that has helped you explore and grow in your UU faith? Let’s share it with the community!

Some examples of potential RE sessions are: creating a book group focused on the UUA Common Read, speaking on topics of concern for UUs, sharing a sacred ritual or spiritual practice from a faith tradition you practice or have personal experience in, leading meditation/chanting/tai chi/singing/etc, organizing a group of UUCPers to attend a nearby lecture or performance together, teaching a handicraft, facilitating lessons from one of the UUA adult RE curricula, and many more…

If you are interested in leading an Adult RE session, know an outside speaker, or have ideas for topics/activities that you’d like to see offered then contact me to be put on the program calendar. Contact me to be scheduled.

~ Audrey Preston
Phone: 850-512-8577