The Dream is Still Alive

Rev. Martin Luther King’s Legacy. Jim intersperses songs and personal reflections on the life of MLK from the spiritual to political and ecological. From his student days to his human rights activism to his last years speaking out on the injustice of war and his acknowledgment of the ecological web of life, Dr. King was … Continued

Reexamining Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The influential and controversial book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe was allegedly credited by Abraham Lincoln with starting the Civil War. Seen as an anti-slavery text, the iconic novel became known as promoting racist imagery throughout American culture. Despite the racism in the text, there are ways to view the positive impact of this book.

Special Music for the New Year

With pianist Chris Saunders and saxophonist Thom Botsford. Fifth Sunday “Share the Plate” offering benefits Favor House, the domestic violence center, which has provided safe shelter to thousands of domestic violence victims and their children. Thousands more have received assistance through the Favor House crisis lines, the outreach counseling centers and advocacy services. Victims, their … Continued